LEARN ALONE Without reading music

Now you can play even if you don't read music notation because this is absolutely not necessary

You are not a kid and you want to play fiddle or violin so let your dream comes true.

You want to play the fiddle or violin ? With my blue method you'll quickly discover all my tricks of playing the violin.

violin method

Being able to play some famous tunes for friends or more can be pleasant, indeed.

For me learn to read music is like waste of time. Most important is playing.

Marc Capuano in 2001 has written a new violin method for beginners and made a software for Windows,

this fiddle software is now available for Windows XP, Vista ...

"I have learned alone and i wasn't a kid when i have began..." Marc Capuano

Blue violin method

Then you can play famous classical tunes with this book of tablatures level beginner.

 Famous classical tunes for violin




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