without reading music notation

LEARN Violin even if you don't read music

If you ask yourself "What is the best way to learn to play violin ?", you should probably answer this is the way that gives you pleasure and efficiency. It is this method that was chosen in this book, Marc Capuano says, "you don't need to read music notation to play violin or fiddle". the study of music notation (music written on paper) is less important that playing. This book will help you learn to play quickly and show you the proper fingering, bowing, and other mechanics involved in playing the violin.

how to play violin or fiddle

Young or not, let your dream comes true.

You want to play the fiddle or violin ? With my blue method you'll quickly discover all my tricks of playing the violin.

violin method

Being able to play some famous tunes for friends or more can be pleasant, indeed.

For me learn to read music is like waste of time. Most important is playing.

"I have learned alone and i wasn't a kid when i have began..." Marc Capuano

Then you can play easy famous classical tunes with this book of  violin tablatures.

 Famous classical tunes for violin


 Free lessons on Youtube

Violin lessons on youtube