Patrick Charton
Restoration - Sound adjustment


The historical instrument is a part of mankind's heritage.

Very sophisticated techniques are needed to restore and preserve this inheritance.

For the musicians as well as for orchestras and for museums such as the "Musée de Paris". I have restored numerous historical instruments :

- french school (Vuillaume, Benoist Fleury, Gand et Bernardel, Blanchard, Miremont...)

- italian school (Montagnana, Bergonzi, Mantegazza, Panormo...)

- english school (Kennedy Lott, Dodd, Fendt...)


before restoration

after restoration
Nicolas BERGONZI double Bass of Mr. Thomas MARTIN (Principal Bass in the London Symphony Orchestra)


Sound adjustment

  The challenge of sound adjustment is to allow the instrument and the musician to play their best.

It means finding (through soundpost adjustment, choice and fitting of bridge, understanding of pressure and carefull choice of strings) that unstable point of balance which the bow disrupts, causing the instrument to vibrate.


Miss Elise Da Silva   Mr Jeroen Brunoghe

Mr Jeroen Brunoghe, Miss Elise Da Silva and Mr Colin Marghalan-Ferrat assist Patrick Charton for restoration works and sound adjustments