Patrick Charton

My workshop is steeped in the great traditions of Italian instrument making due to the restoration work carried out on major instruments made by Bergonzi, Montagnana, Ruggeri ...
My instruments are an overall product of the work carried out in relation to the structure of these instruments of reference.

They are also a result of my own research on the mobility of the sounding board. Moving the sounding board is what creates the tone.

By combining research with secular know-how, my aim is to produce a tone which is clear, warm, powerful and refined and capable of communicating the emotions of the musician through a wide palette of colours.



Model based on the Stradivarius
Copy of a "Kreisler" by GUARNERIUS "DEL GESU"

I use an "oil" varnish with a golden yellow or browny red tinge which may be applied to provide for a new or old patina appearance.


Personal models
I make models from 40,5 cm to 42 cm

All my instruments are made from old Central European woods which have been strictly selected.
Viola's making - step by step


Venetian-style model

"Cremonese" model