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Quintet de solistes

Hear tone of my instruments in free mp3 from "Quintette de solistes" CD with Daniel Marillier (Charton Double bass), Svetlin Roussev (Charton violin), Robert Mc Leod (Fustier violin), Thérèse Lorrain (Charton viola), Jean-Marie Trotereau (Charton cello), Patrick Hupin (Charton Double bass).
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- Christiophe GUIOT : Opéra de Paris - Bastille
- Klodiana SKENDERI : Opéra de Paris - Bastille
- Martine GAUDEFROY : Strasbourg Orchestra
- Catherine MENNESON : Lyon National Orchestra
- Gordan NICOLITCH :

Solo Violin in the London Symphony Orchestra
Solo Violin in the Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Former pupil of J.J KANTOROW, teaching in Holland and in France.
He is also a violist and plays a 40,5 cm << Charton >>Viola on the recording .

CD : MOZART : Symphonia concertante for Violin and Viola
( J.J KANTOROW : Stradivarius Violin )
As well as :

- Thérèse LORRAIN : Auvergne Chamber Orchestra
- Isabelle HERNAIZ : Auvergne Chamber Orchestra

Hubert VARRON : Former solo cellist at the Opéra de Paris-Bastille
Guillermo LEFEVER : Paris

Jean-Marie TROTEREAU :
Solo cellist for the Auvergne Chamber Orchestra
Prize winner at the Vina del Mar International Competition held in Chile and
First prize winner at the Vierzon International Sonata Competition.

MIGOT CD : Voeu - Hosanna - L'Observance - Deuxième Dialogue
ROPARTZ : First Sonata for Piano and Cello
DEBUSSY : Sonata
(Piano Jeffrey GRICE) released by Integral Classic
MEL BONIS CD : 3 Sonatas for (Flute - Violon - Cello)

(Piano Laurent MARTIN) released by Voice of Lyrics


principal double bass of the OPERA DE PARIS BASTILLE Orchestra

<< Prestige de la Contrebasse >>
(Prestige of the Double Bass)
(BNL - Concord) with G. TORMA / Piano. Pieces by Ravel - Paganini - Bottesini - Rachmaninov - Fibish - Rossini (with R. Pidoux / Cello) - Dperger (with F. Gnéri / Viola) - Mortari (with P. Chemla/Violin)
<< Le Chant de la Contrebasse >>
(The song of the Double Bass)
(BNL - Concord) with the Auvergne Chamber Orchestra Dir. F-X. BILGER). Concertino by Larson - Pieces by Bottesini - Beintus - Talgorne - Bloch - Monti

Transcriptions virtuoses
(VOL) Emmanuelle BARTOLI piano. Saint-Saens, Schubert, Brahms, Schumann, Stravinsky, Rachmaninov, Kreisler, Fauré,Chopin,Poulenc.
CD audio from Voice of lyrics
In these recordings, with his incredible talent Daniel Marillier successfully defends a << newborn>> instrument i.e. the double bass concertante. With his phrasing, his precision and his wide range of nuances, he is one of the most brilliant advocates for this instrument.

Also play my Double Basses :

- Bottond KOSTYAK : principal Double Bass of the Lyon National Orchestra
- Philippe NOHARET : Opéra de Paris-Bastille, Michel LEGRAND Orchestra
- Patrick HUPIN : principal Double Bass of the Auvergne Chamber Orchestra
- Anne-Sophie MUTTER Foundation (Munich - Germany) for Roman PATKOLO
- Mark HELIAS : Jazz Double Bass Player in New York (USA)

As well as the following :
- Opéra de Paris
- Opéra de Lyon
- The Lyon National Orchestra
- The Nice Philharmonic Orchestra
- The Auvergne Chamber Orchestra
- The National Orchestra of FRANCE
- Orchestre de Paris
- The Ensemble Orchestra of Paris
- CNSM The Paris National superior conservatoire of music.

and :
- The Philharmonic Orchestra of SEOUL (Korea)
- The Philharmonic Orchestra of REIKJAVIK (Iceland)