Patrick Charton
Double Basses

The Double Bass has a position of it's own in the string quartet. It has to sound from the lowest to the highiest notes to be used in orchestras as well as in the solo repertoire.

With over 20 years experience and the assistance of numerous double bass players, I have designed a double bass which is flexible enough to provide warm and rich tone, speaking easlily with an optimum comfort.

All my instruments are made from old Central European wood which have been strictly selected for their acoustic qualities.

The personal model

I also make copies of major double basses such as :

  • Gasparo DA SALO : Unmatched when it comes to a 5-string orchestra instrument
  • Gand et Bernardel : The queen of 19th century French double bass


M Kostiak


  • Vincenzo PANORMO
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Panormo 5 strings (M Frey from Lyon national orchestra)

Vincenzo Panormo copie

For the making of my Double Basses I am assisted by Mr. Michel BROLY who himself won the gold medal at the 2nd "Paris international competition of violin making" in 1999. (Double Bass Category)